Rules for conducting UNC LIVE auctions

We have created the UNC LIVE auctions section for our users who want to get exclusive products and conditions for buying and selling their lots.

To participate in UNC LIVE auctions, you need to take four simple steps:

1. Register on UNC.UA

Register on UNC.UA After you fill in your profile on UNC.UA, you can participate in online auctions. (Note: if you are a new User and have a zero rating but want to buy more than 5 items at a time, you need to verify your account by replenishing your personal account for any amount. "Verification" is a procedure for checking the data entered by the User during registration using an algorithm - by comparing them with payment data when replenishing a personal electronic account from their own bank card. A verified user is marked on the website with a tick next to their nickname. The absence of verification is not an obstacle to concluding transactions).

2. Keep track of new arrivals

Looking for something specific? Enter your query in the search bar and click "Add search query to favorites" to receive notifications whenever new lots matching your criteria appear on UNC.UA. You can manage your favorite searches in your personal account.

3. Place your bids

Before placing a bid, be sure to read the terms of delivery and payment to avoid any misunderstandings later. Also, be sure to pay attention to the start time of the auction. This is when live bidding starts, starting with the first lot in the auction catalog.
There are two ways to place a bid:
Absentee bidding
You can place absentee bids before the live auction starts. Our absentee bidding system ensures that you get the best prices.
Be sure to place the maximum bid before the live auction starts. Your bid will remain at the lowest minimum amount necessary to keep you in the lead and will only increase (to your maximum amount) if another bidder places a competing bid.
Live bidding
Your chances of winning are three times greater when you bid during a live auction. Live auctions start at the time indicated on the catalog and product pages. To place a live bid, simply visit the catalog or product at the specified auction time and click "Enter Live Auction". You will be taken to the bidding console where the live auction is taking place.

4. Buy the item

You will be automatically notified when you win an item on UNC.UA. After the sale, you will be able to arrange delivery and payment for your item.

Auction step

Price Auction step
10 UAH 5 UAH
100 UAH 10 UAH
200 UAH 20 UAH
500 UAH 50 UAH
1 000 UAH 100 UAH
2 000 UAH 200 UAH
5 000 UAH 500 UAH
10 000 UAH 1 000 UAH
20 000 UAH 2 000 UAH
50 000 UAH 5 000 UAH
100 000 UAH 10 000 UAH
200 000 UAH 20 000 UAH
500 000 UAH 50 000 UAH
1 000 000 UAH 100,000 UAH