Lot evaluation

To sell antiques profitably, you don't have to know a lot about them. Assessment of market value on the principle of "starting price".
Found at home an antique object or received on change a rare coin? Lombard - cheap, and the direct buyer knocks down the price? At UNC.UA you have the opportunity to assess the average market value of the lot with the subsequent putting it on sale. The cost of evaluation of one lot is 10 UAH. To submit an item for evaluation you must have at least 10 UAH on your account Payments | Auction for collectors UNC.UA.
Technical requirements to the submitted for evaluation of objects.
High-quality photos with details of the features of the object.
Indicate the size of the object.
To evaluate coins is required; photo of the obverse, reverse and the coin gurt. Take a photo on a checkered sheet or solid colour background with a ruler, or indicate the diameter. If the coin is supposed to be precious metal, the exact weight of the coin is required.
Art appraisals require;
- size height, width. The material of which it is made.
- information about hidden defects, cracks, chips, scratches, restoration. All nuances that are not visible in the photo.
- If there is an autograph, branding or other markings make a separate, large photo.

How does it work?

- Register on UNC.UA;
- Fill in the form "Lot evaluation"
- We put the estimated price;
- The lot is sent to the auction (to a real online auction) and in your personal cabinet goes to the section "active lots".
If it will be of interest to buyers - the price can go up significantly.

Send lot for evaluation

Please note: Lot evaluation may take some time. We are just as interested in fair value as you are. Therefore, the more unique your lot is, the more time we may need for expert evaluation by our specialists.
From you - registration and photo of the lot, from us - evaluation, categorisation and fair auction.